World Introvert Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

World Introvert Day is celebrated on January 2nd. It is not an official holiday, but it is celebrated by introverts all over the world since 2011.

It is the day to bring awareness among people what it means to be an introvert and to remember why it is awesome to be an introvert. The characteristics of an introvert are strange but not shameful. Introverts have their own reflective way of understanding.They like to learn by watching and are self-aware.

They are quiet and do not want to mix with a group of people.They might have only a few friends and want to be alone most of the times.

Most o the famous scientists, philosophers, artists, and thinkers are introverted. Many of the times, we simply exclude them from the world population.

In order to create awareness about they are being a part of the world population and they have a normal life like us, we celebrate this Introvert’s day. Supporting such rural area women to be literately involved in the awareness. Many non-profit social organizations actively take part in the Introvert day celebrations.

If you want to be a part of this day, support Introverts through following lovely wishes and quotes on World Introvert Day.

Here are World Introvert Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

-Being living in the extrovert world, they are introverts! they have their own ways! Support them.

-Introverts think they are not interesting and want to listen to something interesting from extroverts!

-I feel scared to speak up loud! Help me to overcome it. World Introvert day.

-I’m an introvert. I’m celebrating the day by myself, in the room, with coffee.

– You better believe I’m celebrating Introvert’s day! Silently..

– Happy World Introvert day which is enough excitement for one day.

– Getting ready to celebrate world introvert day with a furry friend.

– Every day is a good day!? I don’t think so..

– We just celebrated this day by reading books. So boring, but for Introverts, it’s a great holiday!

– In my Introvert opinion, they should sit to read books too close for comfort.

– I’m away from home, I welcome you all to the party. The food is in kitchen and books are on the shelf. Thanks for coming.

– It is good to tell secrets with Introverts. They won’t get disclosed.

– Writing up my feelings on a book is far better than to share them with people.

– All were into their cell phones and I’m watching you all!

– You asked me to dive into the party but I had wine and dived inside me.

– Being honored for who you are is the best feeling. Happy World Introvert day.

– I can’t communicate with a musician, but I can feel his conversations through his music!

– People might mistake me as flirtation for my politeness.

– Quiet people notice everything silently..

– I have a tan. But afraid of sharing it with anyone. I’m good with my scarf on the face.

– I was busy looking at my shoes and was trying my best to look at yours. What can I say. its just progressing.

– World Introvert day. It is all about giving a voice to those that don’t have one.

– People like me are mostly seen as shy, reserved, anti-social or even arrogant.

– The day which is most quiet and calm is the World Introvert day!

– Yesterday was World Introvert day and I was too busy hiding out to make my thing notice.

– My resolution for the new year is to challenge myself to get out more this year to connect with others.

– I’m just quietly pondering the meaning of life being socially awkward.

– I celebrate World Introvert day sitting quietly at home, but I promised my few friends that I would take them out. I went with a book, I managed to introvert in Public.

– I counted one hundred leaves of solitude at a picnic!

– World Introverts Day. I never understand why people say they’re lonely when they love hanging out with themselves.

– To fellow quiet types! When you are alone at home, enjoy the day by watching a movie and ordering a pepperoni pizza.

– I’m an Introvert and I’m celebrating my birthday on an Island!

– I am a deep thinker, not a talker.

– If you are special to me, you will notice me staring at you!

– World Introvert Day. Wherever and however you choose to celebrate it, enjoy your own company!

– Happy Introverts day. Introverts everywhere.

– The world can’t stop talking about controversies. An Introvert can be powerful in this sense.

– I think I honored the World Introverts day with a nap.

– I chill harder than you do your party.

– When I trust a person, my talks will become too long.

– I ended up canceling my New Years trip because my kitten was sick. Spent all holidays with kittens and books.

– To connect with the world on a deeper level without leaving the house. Happy Introvert day.

– A house of an introvert is full of books and hiding passages.

– Today, January 2, the golden silence day which is my kind of day. World Introvert day.

– Happy World Introvert Day. Have some nap cats.

– I am a proud Introvert. Should I say it or not?

– His silly activities come with trust, as with most introverts.

– I was so busy Introverting that I almost forgot to wish you all a Happy World Introvert day.

– I usually take off to celebrate!!! Because today is a World Introvert day.

– Introverts celebrating today…but alone, in their homes.

– I will meet you, but need to go home now to change my mind.

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