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World Malaria Day is observed on the 25th of April every year to recognize the efforts that are being put to put a stop to the deadly effects of the disease.

In 106 countries, approximately 3.3 billion people are at risk of malaria, and every year there is a significant number of deaths for the same reason.

Urgent global action is required to get the number of deaths to a lower level and with the observance of such a day, the target is even clearer.

World Malaria Day Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

-With the advancements of medical technology, all we want is to find a way to stop the deadly impact of Malaria on earth.

-Every doctor on this planet is thriving towards the common goal to remove malaria entirely and keep people safe

-Malaria is such a disease that can leave your entire body reeling for attention for a long period of time.

-Every day, there are hundreds of people who are being cursed with malaria and are faced with death. Spread awareness on the world malaria day

-Never take a mosquito easy. They have the power to get you killed!

-On this world malaria day, take measures to keep the mosquitoes away and do not allow them to breed nearby. Stay safe and away from mosquitoes

-Take all the preventive measures to make sure that the mosquitoes are kept away and malaria is out of the door

-Spread awareness on this world malaria day so that people living with it can find out ways to combat the disease and live peacefully

-The solution to every problem isn’t carbon emission cut down. If it is malaria, it deserves the attention it needs and the treatment it should have every time

-Malaria is such a deadly disease that if it isn’t treated soon enough the patient can die quickly with the entire immune system at its all-time low

-As long as we do not find a way out of the abyss of malaria, we must take care to keep the root cause of the disease as far as possible from us. Let people be safe on this world malaria day

-Humans are immense in size but all of it is of no use due to the fact that they are being patronized by mosquitoes. Literally, one can lose their life. Stop malaria!

-Let the entire world unite as a team to fight against deadly malaria. It has taken a lot of people’s lives, we cannot afford it anymore.

– Out of all the diseases of the world, malaria is the deadliest that silently creeps into the human body and leaves by wrenching out the soul.

-As we turn the pages of history, malaria is something that shall keep popping time and again as a killer disease that took lives for a long.

-Keep mosquitoes away and choose a healthier life over the one ridden with the chances of being affected by malaria any day.

-Malaria is a disease that has taken up more lives than cancer has done. Do not neglect the effects, act now

-Treating malaria and preventing it is inexpensive. Let us join hands and allow the people who need to help to get light of the day avoid such diseases

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-The way we live decides a lot of things that we have to deal with in our lives. Keeping our surroundings clean is another such major thing needed to keep safe from malaria and live healthily

-World malaria day is here to let the world know that it is a growing issue and needs care to be taken with due attention of the people.

-As long as we do not find a way to fight off vicious malaria, there should be constant try to make sure that it is stopped and checked.

-As long as we make the effort to drive away mosquitoes and keep our environment clean, it is assured that diseases such as malaria won’t find their inroads.

-Delay no further and remove all the stagnant water from your surroundings and make malaria a thing of the past. Embrace cleanliness on this world malaria day

-It is essential that every community acts at its best to put down malaria as a disease and allow safe living in the neighborhood.

-Those struck with malaria live with its impact for years to come. Kindly take steps to keep this disease away as it can ruin another person’s physicality

-We all can work together and stop malaria. However, being ignorant will do no help because the smallest of the mosquito can lead you to your eternal sleep easily

-World malaria day is here. Let us inform people of the ways to keep the mosquitoes away and also the various ways to treat the deadly disease.

-Unless every person is informed about the deadly after-effects of malaria, people won’t act. Show them the grave aspects and they will start reacting and bring the needed change.

-Malaria isn’t a small disease. It has broken families and disrupted lives in more than 106 countries throughout the world

-Together we can take the onus and make sure that malaria is no longer present on the face of Earth. Let’s start acting and stop mosquito breeding firstly

-For a nation to move ahead, the most essential thing is to get rid of malaria

-World Malaria day has to be observed with full attention because the world is at stake and we cannot afford deaths due to the mosquitoes

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-Death by a mosquito is the last thing that any person wants. However, every year there are millions of people dying due to the same reason. Know more on the world malaria day

-Life is precious, let us take the oath to safeguard it with our efforts to maintain cleanliness

-On this World Malaria Day, we let the world know that this disease is an enemy that needs to be fought will all the will and desire to kick it off.

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