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Marriage is a very significant institution almost all over the world that signifies the special bond among two loving couples and is the backbone of any family.

When two individuals love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives supporting each other they announce it to the whole world through marriage.

World marriage day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of February. It is sponsored by American Organization World Wide Marriage organisation.

On this day a husband and wife celebrate this very special bond that they share and promise to stay happily with each other till their last breath. Almost every married couple all over the world celebrate this auspicious day.

Here is a list of Marriage day Quotes, Messages and Wishes

_ Happy is a man who finds his true friend and happier is a man who gets to marry his true friend.

_ To all the years you have spent as a married couple, Happy Marriage Day to you.

_ Happy Marriage Day to you and hope you spend the following years as a happy couple.

_Bless you both with a very Happy married life on this World Marriage Day.

_It is not always about tying the knot but also about keeping it secure through the many years of marriage.

_ On this World Marriage Day hope you stay today and through all the following tomorrows as a happily married couple.

_ To have a successful marriage you both need to think together rather than think alike.

_ On this Marriage Day I am grateful to say that you are my wife.

_ Weddings bring together two perfect individuals. Wish all these couples a very Happy World Marriage Day.

_Like the waves of the sea I hope our love is never ending so our married life is prosperous.

_ All the moments of togetherness through tough times leads to the sweetest anniversaries and so I wish you all a Happy Marriage Day.

_ Years pass, Times change but on this World Marriage Day I hope our love remains the same and we lead a happy married life.

_In marriage keep an eye on the person you are fighting for, not the person you are fighting with.

_Marriage is all about being the best team and the perfect versions of each other when together.

_Marriage is not just a one day thing but something that you need to work hard kn everyday to make it last for years.

_ Make your marriage a safe haven and fight with the negativities from outside as a team to achieve your goals and remain as a happy couple.

_ On this World Marriage Day I hope all the married couples find love and happiness in each other and continue to stay together in the years to come.

_To all the married couples who have built a beautiful family together, wish you a very happy World Marriage Day.

_ You do not marry someone you can stay with but you someone without whom you know you cannot stay.

_ I hope I hold your hand at 80 and say that we made it through all the ups and downs of life with a successful marriage.

_ On this Marriage Day promise each other that you will see the other person’s worst and still stay through it all.

_ Marriages do not last only because of the good times but because the hard times were handled with love and care.

_ On this World Marriage Day I hope you guys take one more step towards creating the perfect family and living together in harmony.

_ Marriage is all about promising your loved one to stay when the hard times strike in and try to ruin everything that you both share. Its about staying strong through the storm.

_ Not every relationship is sunshine and daisies, sometimes marriages are about holding an umbrella together through the rain.

_ This World Marriage Day it is time to celebrate your marriage anniversary all over again.

_ Congratulations on spending all these years as a happily married couple and a very Happy Marriage Day.

_ Here are some warm wishes and love on staying together as a married couple. Hope you continue to stay blessed and grow older in your marriage together.

_ The fire with which you start off your marriage should be nourished and maintained with care through all the years you promise to stay together as a happy married couple.

_ This World Marriage Day wish you with cheers and lots of happiness on completing so many years of marriage together and promising each other to continue on this wonderful journey.

_ The wrinkles on your face are not the sign of how much you have aged but of the happy married life that you have led all through the years. Happy marriage day to you all.

_ On this World Marriage Day I hope with each passing day of our marriage we get closer and stronger than before.

_ Thank you for all the happy memories and wonderful years of living together. I wish you a very Happy World Marriage Day.

_Success in life always does not come as a paycheck but sometimes it comes as finding the right person and getting married to them so you can spend a happy and peaceful life.

_ From the very first day I saw you I knew you were the one. On that note a very Happy World Marriage Day.

_ In marriage we learn to find love by seeing a imperfect person to be perfect. That is the very essence of a happy married life.

_ A happy Marriage is an endless sleepover with your favourite person and so I wish all the married couples out there a Happy Marriage Day and hope you spend your married life peacefully.

_ By marrying me you have turned my life into a poem filled with rhythm and I can only thank you for that. A very Happy World Marriage Day.

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