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World metrology day is celebrated on the 20th of May every year. It is celebrated in honour of the system of units that we have for measurement. On this date, the metre convention was signed in the year 1875. With it, a coherent system for measurement is established and it made life a lot simpler in terms of scientific and meticulous measurements.

In this article, we bring to you some of the amazing wishes and quotes that you can forward on this day. Read on to find out-

Metrology day Best Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

 _Can you imagine what would have happened if you could quantify things! Nightmare

_Life would have been much more simpler if there were no number, but at the same time life wouldn’t have existed without them too! 

_Metrology is a superpower endowed upon us so that we can measure things better

_Measurements are everywhere and so is metrology and its components

_You may not agree but your day begins with metrology and ends with it! Happy world metrology day

_Metrology is the basis on which physics rules the world. Think this again

_The best feeling is when the number you imagine is right with the numbers on the weighing scale. Metrology satisfies us!

_We won’t have known what the perfect length is if we didn’t know metrology

_Every line would have been the same and the visuals would only be the difference without any viable measure 

_Every object, be it living or dead, is different from one other. Metrology points out the difference and it rightly makes sense 

_Happy world metrology day! Let’s take a moment to thank the forefathers of metrology for making or lives Easier with all kinds of measurements 

_You walk a distance. You walk 200 metres. Tell me which sounds better and more accurate? Metrology rocks 

_Speaking of the truth, world is a big bore without measurements

_Not a day is possible without metrology guiding us through. Read that again

_Our lives are tougher but metrology makes it easier and smoother 

_World metrology day is here to let people know that measurement are the basis of life on earth and you couldn’t live a day sans it. 

_We have everything in control just because we know the trick to metrology 

_Quantifying is a great art if it is done with the right metrology knowledge 

_The knowledge of metrology can take you heights, learn better today to reap rewards tomorrow

_Metrology will forever be important and it cannot be replaced

_Every kid and every adult can measure things. Metrology is easy but you need to be sharp and not lazy

_From our heights to our width, we know it all because metrology exists 

_All gyms would have been closed because without metrology no one would have known that they are over weight 

_On this world metrology day, lets spread the world and let people realise that metrology is a part of life and it will be so forever an after 

_True geniuses are married to metrology for their life!

_Metrology offers measurement and it offers control on things 

_Metrology isn’t hard, the people shy from the right measures 

_All that matters in life is the correct measurement in the correct time and you can easily be triumphant forever

_We can do anything we want with numbers and this is why metrology is here to add coherence and sense 

_World metrology marks the importance of metrology as a subject and the numerous ways through which it has helped people 

_Everybody can lie but the measurement scale won’t ever lie to you my friend. Happy world metrology day 

_Standards are hard to choose but not anymore when there are so many of them

_We are helped in a way by metrology measurements like no one ever has done 

_Metrology is like that friend in your group that wouldn’t ever lie and at the same time his truth will allow you room for development and greater control 

_Keep calm and love metrology

_We can be grateful to those who invented metrology or at the same time be thankful enough to use the standards wisely and not cheat on others

_On this world metrology day, let us all come together to stop any illegal metrological measures ever in any industry or any domain of work 

_Let numbers play a major role and metrology be more than just a mere way of life for all 

_What makes human beings different and unique is known to all as metrology! We know how to measure and this makes us the winner 

_You can never identify the problems without the help of metrology. It is the only way out and it helps in improving and rectifying faults 

_We all know that measurement equals to genuineness and perfection. Happy world metrology day to every person on the face of earth 

_Do not underestimate the power of metrology, it can do wonders that we humans cannot even think of!

_Metrology has helped millions get quantifiable solutions to all the problems that they face. Standards can be the best friend when we deal with metrology 

_One key to all weighing and measuring problems is proper metrology. Let us take an oath to make sure that metrology practices are kept clean always 

_People can cheat and lie but metrology will never do so and show you just what the results are without any bias. Happy world metrology day

_Metrology is always user friendly and is meant to enhance the reliability and trust 

_Nothing can replace the knowledge of metrology. Be a master at it and the world is at your feet forever

_If we ever need clarity, metrology is to be looked upon and learnt from. It solves everyone’s problems with quantity as selflessly as possible 

_Happy world metrology day. We should all be uniting to inform the world about how this magic spreads and saves standards daily 

_Do not lose hope, metrology will save both your time and money! Happy world metrology day. Let us rejoice this amazing discovery if standards  

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