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World missing children’s day is an event for the purpose of awareness which is observed on the 25th of May of every year. The reason behind this event is to emphasize on the issues regarding the abduction of children and to spread awareness among the parents to take some measurable steps in order to protect their children.

The event also pays tribute to those who have never been found. It all began with an observation in 1983 that took place in the USA. The disappearance of a child aged 6 on the 25th may 1979 led to the date to be chosen as the International Missing Children’s day.

Below is the list of Quotes and Wishes to raise awareness for the occasion of World Missing children’s day

Missing Children’s Day Best Messages, Quotes

children are flowers nurtured by their parents, you don’t have the right to pluck them.

Stop child abduction to save humanity.

Child abduction is a criminal offense, and I stand against it.

We need each other to stop child abduction.

 Integrity and fraternity are all we need to put a stop to child abduction.

It is high time to stop child abduction.

International missing children’s day, let’s pay tribute to them.

A child is not a part of your dark mind.

United we stand to support world missing children’s day.

Let them grow, let them glow.

Let’s make everyone aware of the international missing children’s day.

Child abduction, a crime, a tragedy.

The decision of child abduction that you made to survive in your life is malicious.

No child should have to suffer child abduction because it will damage their mind and soul that are hard to cure.

One who abducts a child does also affects humanity in a negative manner.

We need to end this.

Do support international missing children’s day to conserve humanity.

One child abduction frightens hundreds of other innocent souls.

Let’s Make our environment safer for children to prevent child abduction.

People are captivated by evil because it’s mysterious and it doesn’t seem to have a foundation behind it, we have to fight one of such a kind.

 In order to make a cheerful life for the children tomorrow, we have to sacrifice today.

Child abduction is a threat to mankind.

Child abduction doesn’t just harm physically but also mentally.

The kidnapped child is so teasingly close that they are kept alive by a hope that is devastating.

Kidnapping or hostage-taking of a child is one of the most disturbing and devastating forms of terror as it is capable of turning this hope into a liability that leads to a huge collapse.

There is not a single person who is fully able to understand or appreciate what a parent goes through at such a time unless they have faced a similar tragedy.

 Every parent responds differently. Each parent copes with this nightmare in the best way he or she knows how.
innocent children are not your business.

Little children are not your prisoners.

Child abduction is such a tragedy that severely infects moral values.

Society is threaten by child abduction.

In the scenario of the moral crisis, it is high time to react to such threats.

Darkest places in hell are reserved for those who have harmed the innocents for the sake of their profit.

Social awareness is necessary in order to prevent child abduction.

Let’s create an abduction free world for our children.

If you are not taking actions, you are abandoning them.

Those who are silent, are supporting child abduction.

Remaining neutral is not the solution to prevent child abduction.

your neutrality in child abduction leads to a moral crisis.

Open your eyes to witness abduction.

To be abduction free or not to be.

Law is against child labor, what about child abduction?

We have a vision of a child abduction free society.

Let’s prevent our children as they are the future.

Let us hold our hands together to stop those people who fill their pockets by abducting a child.

We just can’t wait for the world to change if we don’t protect our generations.

Are you gonna wait till your own child is missing?

If you wanna do something better for the world, stop child abduction.

We can not make out future better if we don’t make amends to such issues.

If are never going to be better out future if we are not going to protect them.

Our children are the future of our country, don’t let the evils ruin it.

The future of our nation lies in the hands of our children, neglecting such issues like child abduction is a threat to the future of our nation.

Flowers are the beauty of a garden, children are the beauty of our world.

Could you please stop minding your own business and come forward to stop this.

Conserve the smiles on their little faces.

Don’t snatch the smiles out of their face and fill the fierce.

Kidnapping a child has always been a threat in this life of reporting on men hurting one another because of religion and politics.
children are meant to fly high rather than keeping in cages.

Save the children, save the future.

Don’t let the children see the darker side of the world.

I said the kidnapping of a child is a crime. I have the right to speak about the crime done. They didn’t like me to speak about this crime. So I decided to reveal it to the public so that they the evil can see their reflections.

Even the animals are found to be safer than our kids.

Police are alert for those who break the traffic rules, what about those who snatch the babies from the laps of their mothers.

Your silence motivates them to abduct another one.

Hostage negotiation is found to be more or less a business transaction.

Don’t let others do business by investing your precious asset.

Missing children should be taken care of more seriously than child labor.

Supporting the moral values is as similar to spreading awareness of the world missing children’s day.

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