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World no-tobacco day is one of the most important days that the member states of the World Health Organization celebrate all around the world on the thirty-first of May every year.

As the name suggests, it is a day celebrated to stay away from the consumption of tobacco in any form for a whole twenty-four hours.

Tobacco consumption causes around 7 million deaths across the globe every year among which around 90,000 deaths are of people who have been subjected to passive smoking. This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm all across the globe.

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World No-Tobacco Day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

_It may be difficult to quit smoking at first but it is not impossible. Have a healthy and positive World Tobacco Day!

_Tobacco kills more people than any other addiction and it’s time we educate people young and old people alike to stay away from tobacco. Happy World Tobacco Day!

_Dear smokers, you are not only ruining your own health but also spoiling the lives of your most beloved people. Happy World Tobacco Day!

_It is never easy to quit an addiction and we salute those ex-smokers who have managed to get past their habit. Happy World Tobacco Day!

_To all those people who have managed to get rid of their addiction to tobacco, I wish to congratulate you and thank you for setting an example to so many others who are trying to do the same. Have a very happy and healthy  World Tobacco Day!

_People who say smoking relieves them of tension, I would like to let you guys know that there is a huge percentage of the world’s population that does not depend on smoking to relieve them of their troubles. So stop making excuses and have a very Happy World Tobacco Day!

_People are losing their family members and loved ones because of this addiction to tobacco. Have a positive and healthy World Tobacco Day!

_It is high time that we realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and educate others about its importance. Have a very Happy World Tobacco Day!

_Don’t give in to smoking just because of peer pressure instead pressurize your peers to have healthier lifestyles and wish them all a very healthy and Happy World Tobacco Day!

_Cancer is caused by tobacco and it is a disease that gives a person a death sentence in the majority of cases. So stay healthy and have a very  Happy World Tobacco Day!

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_Tobacco cuts down on the number of years a person gets to live and that is more than enough reason to stop consuming tobacco.  Happy World Tobacco Day!

– Stop consuming tobacco and have a healthy World Tobacco Day!

_It is so sad that innocent newborns have to live in a world so polluted by smoke and often have to come across people consuming tobacco. Hope for a better future and wish everyone a very Happy World Tobacco Day!

_You should quit tobacco before life gives up on you. Have an awful  World Tobacco Day!

_If you need the motivation to quit tobacco, just look at the innocent faces of your kids and think if they deserve to lose a parent. Have an awful World Tobacco Day people!

_Life is not easy and you should know where to put your efforts so that you get something worthy out of it and trust me, putting efforts into giving up smoking will be one of the most difficult things to do, but also the most rewarding one. So Happy World Tobacco Day!

_When you are smoking, you not only destroy your health but also pollute the environment and affect the health of the others around you. Wish you all an awful World Tobacco Day!

_Your family and friends need you. Save their lives and save yours. Happy World Tobacco Day!

_Smoking gives you the pleasure of a moment but kills you in the process. Have an awful World Tobacco Day people!

_You get just one life to live and do not let it go in vain by harming yourself and your loved ones. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day everyone!

_No temporary pleasure especially tobacco is worth destroying your health and mind. Have a great World Tobacco Day people!

_Real life begins when you come out of the fake comfort zone and indulge in the beautiful gifts of life. Happy World Tobacco Day.

_It is an irony that people believe tobacco and smoking bring peace in their lives. Have an educated and awareful World Tobacco Day!

_Tobacco and happiness cannot go hand in hand and if you think so, you are definitely not living your life. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day!

_Let us utilize this day by spending it in its true spirit. Happy World Tobacco Day!

_Spread the word against tobacco and raise awareness. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day!

_Let us all urge our brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts to give up smoking for the sake of their precious lives and the lives of others that they hold dear to them. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day.

_When you take a puff of your precious cigarette, do you ever think of how your health will affect the lives of your wife and children? If you don’t it’s time you do. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day everyone.

_Smoke only if you think the lives of your family members matter less than your tobacco. Have an awareful and happy World Tobacco Day!

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_If you welcome tobacco to your life you must remember that you can’t have other people in your life too. Have a great World Tobacco Day.

_Tobacco and happiness cannot go hand in hand and you must choose one between the two. Happy World Tobacco Day!

_Eradicate cigarettes out of your life before it ruins your life. Have an awareful World Tobacco Day.

_Let us take part in the many campaigns that are organized today to remind people about the dangers of tobacco. Have an awful World Tobacco Day everyone.

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