World Sketchnote day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

The world sketchnote day is observed on January 11th every year. A few years ago, Mike Rohde and Mauro Toselli had created this day in 2016 to empower the sketchnote and to unite the community at least for the day.

It is about making a rough sketch of the task you want to learn or complete and sharing the same with everyone else who is in need of the task to complete.

Sketchnoting is a visual note that allows people to remember their ideas better and become more creative with it. Once you took down the Sketchnote, you can share it in social media for your friends and others.

On this holiday, you can connect with people who feel the same way about their notes and can find new ideas to communicate about it.

If you are one of that artist who likes to preserve the ideas in the form of Sketchnotes, you can share these ideas on social media with the following great quotes and greeting on World Sketchnote day

World Sketchnote day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

-Happy world Sketchnote day from me. If you also would like to share your own visual notes, take a workshop on Sketchnotes now.

-Honored for my sketch by all my friends! Thank you so much! Happy world Sketchnote day!

-I’m learning and practicing often the Sketchnote. Ideas, not art for teaching and learning! World Skecthnote day.

-Grab a drink and join us to make the longest Sketchnote on World Sketchnote day.

-Attempt a Sketchnote on World Sketchnote Day and you will remember it for years!

-Suggestion for World Sketchnote Day. Participants are from each country and we wonder where the Sketchnotes are.

-World Sketchnote Day! Warm up your Sketchnoting finger on your calendars to mark the day.

-Change your thinking and encourage yourself to develop your talents. World Sketchnote day.

-On World Sketchnote Day, participating in Sketchnote contest and it is an awesome feeling and great experience.

-Being a volunteer, make a church Sketchnote which can help many. World Sketchnote day.

-Join the fun on World Sketchnote Day. Enjoy creating sketches for your chapter books and for the family!

-I Can’t wait for World Sketchnote Day to show up my talent!!

-Create awareness on things you love by your awesome Sketchnotes. World Sketchnote Day.

-What an amazing thing to be a part of Sketchnote! Thank you for putting this together! World Sketchnote Day.

-Make your own digital Sketchnote and share digitally. World Sketchnote Day.

-I never really tried any Sketchnoting but tried to make one and I like it! World Sketchnote Day.

-In science, exploring water shortage on World Sketchnote day. What a great feeling to spread awareness through a Sketchnote.

-Happy World Sketchnote Day! It is the best and easiest way to convey and remember information.

-Happy World Sketchnote day! Visual impact is permanent! A great way to reach a shared understanding.

-Sketchnote is the power of Team Learning. World Sketchnote Day.

-When you are learning something new, it isn’t always good, but you can capture them for future use. World Sketchnote Day.

-Inspired for World Sketchnote day by a note from my favorite person.

-Today draw something challenging! May be your name in different styles! Happy World Sketchnote Day.

-I enjoyed many Sketchnotes this year and today on World Sketchnote day, I’m sharing in social media for all of your references.

-I wish I could do more Sketchnotes today on World Sketchnote day but wishing all a happy Sketchnote Day.

-Quick sketch for World Sketchnote Day. Go, get doodling!

-I have contributed toWorld Sketchnote Day. Are you doing?

-Fasten your seatbelts, you are going to fly in an imaginary world with my Sketchnote! World Sketchnote Day.

-Challenge someone with your Sketchnote today on World Sketchnote day.

-Better late than never. Try your Sketchnote today to preserve your ideas. World Sketchnote Day.

-Let your Sketchnote shine among other notes! World Sketchnote Day.

-Had a great tour and we sketched some of the parts with Sketchnotes. Hope they will be helpful for your tour too.

-My daily routine I have sketched on the paper. Hope it encourages people to follow a time-table and get success in life.

-I’m happy that through my comic Sketchnote, I made few to smile! World Sketchnote day.

-Lock your memories with a Sketchnote, one day you will smile seeing it.

-It is great to free your mind, improve your creativity. World Sketchnote day.

-Visual notes can help you to recap, to relax and clear the mind. Marking World Sketchnote Day.

-Today on World Sketchnote day, share your technique of sketch notes and help spread cheers.

-For the new year, my resolutions I penned on a paper as a Sketchnote. Hope this will encourage me to reach the goals.

-Grab a marker today on World Sketchnote Day and expand the reach of your messages.

-I’m happy and proud to be the part of the World Sketchnote Day with my first Sketchnote. Inspiring all to take part in this.

-I love to give my messages through visualization! What a great job. World Sketchnote day.

-Draw with me and make a Sketchnote for World Sketchnote Day.

-I prepared something new for World Sketchnote day. If you do not understand, ping me. World Sketchnote Day.

-Sketchnotes are an effective way to convey messages which can be recalled anytime! Happy world Sketchnote day.

-Using doodling and Sketchnotes in the classrooms can boost a student’s memory. Happy Sketchnoting!

-Transfer your words from verbal to visual. World Sketchnotes day.

– Stimulate your brain for something great. Happy Sketchnoting Day.

– Sketchnotes make your learning activity easy. Try it on World Sketchnote Day.

– Sketchnotes are the tone of collaboration, authenticity, and humanity. Use it for the good of humankind.

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