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World Suicide Prevention Day is observed on the tenth of September each year to create awareness about the rising rate of suicides in the world and to prevent them. The World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) comes together with the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) to discuss the ways to prevent suicides.  Statistics show that approximately a million people die every year by committing suicides and so it is highly essential to observe this day so that help and awareness can be spread to all the people who need them.

Here are some Best Messages, Quotes on World Suicide Prevention day Which you can share on your Social Media Profile.

_Most of the people who committed suicide did so because they were helpless and did not know how to move on with their lives.

_Help the people who need help because suicide is not an option.

_We find many people who are always ready to criticize people who have committed suicide but we seldom find people who are ready to help the suicidal ones.

_Killing yourself might seem to be the answer to everything problematic in your life but it is not so.

_Problems in love life, problems in academic life, problems in professional life, whatever the problem might be, committing suicides is never the solution. 

_It is very sad that people are driven to take their own lives by their problems and all we can do is offer our help to people in need.

_Depression is the biggest reason behind people committing suicides and so one of the ways to prevent suicides is to help those who are depressed.

_A depressed person may need just a few talking sessions with a friend or a family member to vent out his grievances and that might just convince him that taking his life is not the solution.

_If you find someone in your office or at your college or at your school morose and upset please go ahead and ask what the matter is because talking helps.

_Sharing grievances and venting out frustration always helps more than bottling everything inside.

_Before you think of taking your own life, try talking about your problems with a therapist or a friend.

_Sharing and talking always helps and it might just help enough to save a life.

_It is a sincere request to everyone to never judge people unnecessarily because no one knows how difficult it is to stand in somebody else’s shoes.

_Be kind because you never know how something that you consider trivial can affect someone else and who knows, might even drive them to take their own lives.

_Suicide is not going to end your problems, it will just pass it on to the people who love you.

_If you feel that anybody who you know is suicidal, then you should always reach out to that person and offer your help.

_If we go by the saying that when one door shuts down another door opens up, we mean that in the face of many problems, we will always find a solution if we do not give up.

_Killing yourself is never an option as whatever the matter is killing yourself will not solve it.

_We all have only one life to live and although life gets hard many times, taking our life is not an option.

_We can always find happiness after sadness and we can always see the Dawn after the darkness of the night so do not ever lose hope.

_There are many good things in life and when you are stuck in a bad phase try to remember the things that make you happy and you will find the urge to live again.

_If you are feeling low and depressed you should always try to speak to someone about your thoughts.

_Suicide will solve your problem because you are not going to stay alive but your suicide will definitely leave a number of other people with many problems.

_If suicide was really an answer then half of the world would have killed themselves by now.

_Suicide is not an easy thing to commit and if you are willing to put in so much effort in taking your life, you can also put in thàt much of effort in trying to solve the problem.

_Even a single person committing suicide is dangerous because it gives the impression to the other people that the best way to deal with life is by dying.

_On this suicide prevention day, I hope there is more number of help centers to help the people who are depressed and suicidal.

_When someone commits suicide, the kin of that person is left with the regret that they failed to save the person and this regret often leads them to take their own lives.

_Committing suicide is like a chain, once one person has taken his or her life, the effect of that person’s death leads to other people taking their lives.

_When you commit suicide, you are killing yourself and escaping but you are leaving your family members to be haunted forever with the memories of your death and that is the worst form of torture ever.

_Suicide is rising among students and it is high time we take care of our youth and children.

_It is the time the world accepts the importance of mental health rather than ignoring it because an unhealthy mind often leads to committing suicide.

_When the universe seems to conspire against your happiness, do not give in to suicidal tendencies because that again is a part of the conspiration, instead stay strong and face the storm and you will come out victorious.

_I once knew a girl who committed suicide because she had an abortion and her boyfriend left her, and I still think she made a mistake because she also killed her chances of finding love and living a happy life.

_Student suicide is on a rise and it is of great importance to look into the matter and resolve it.

_Let us take a pledge to help each other in times of crisis so that nobody has to deal with suicidal thoughts.

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