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On the 27th of March every year, World Theatre Day is celebrated and it was first started by the International Theatre Institution, (ITI)  in the year 1961.

On the occasion of this day, many different international and national events are organized by theatres all over the world.

Among all the events, the most important one is the circulation of a message which is based on the Culture of Peace and the Theatre.

This message is usually the reflection of some very important personnel and it is called the World Theatre Day international Message. Jean Cocteau in 1962 wrote the first such message.

World Theater Day Best Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

– I agree with what William Shakespeare had said years and years ago that the world is just a stage and everyone is here to just act their part.

– Movies and television are great, but theatre is the life and soul of acting.

– In theatres, you will find the vibe that neither the television nor the movies can exude.

– The popularity of theatres is going down the line because of the mind-blowing shows the television and the internet have to offer.

– A good strategy to boost up the ticket sale at the theatres is by lowering the price of the tickets.

– We can see the magic of acting in theatres and not in movies which are made taking a lot of shots.

– A theatre has power and magic enough to hold the attention of hundreds of people in the audience, transform them and make them experience something so enthralling that they will remember all throughout their lives.

– A great theatrical performance has the power to change the mindset of the audience.

– The theatre makes the audience cry and it makes the audience laugh, it can enrage the entire audience and it can also make the whole audience sympathize, such is the power of the theatre.

– The theatre is a place where people can go to exercise all of their emotions during the course of the show.

– The theatre is a live show and so it affects people more than movies and television affect them.

– The makeup, the tears, the laughter, the acting of the actors in a theatre are all important to give the audience a wonderful experience.

– The theatre is my favorite place to go on dates because it gives me an idea of how tough or how emotional my date is.

– A theatre can be defined as the reflection of a society at a particular time.

– According to me, theatre is the greatest form of art that exists in this world.

– If you are an amateur actor, it is always advisable that you go to the theatre rather than going for the television because a theatre is where you will be able to enhance your skills.

– A role in a television soap or in a movie will make you rich but a theatre will make you more skilled.

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– If you want to get better at acting, a theatre is the place you should be at.

– A theatre is definitely the place where if you work, you will be able to get better in your acting skills.

– A theatre is the live business while the movies and soaps are the recorded and manipulated versions of the acting business.

– I have known actors who are so confident in acting for movies but go weak in the knees to perform at theatres because theatre is really not easy.

– Theatres are losing popularity but even now, the theatres continue to challenge the actors and awe the audience.

– Theatres are more nerve-wracking than shooting for movies because, at theatres, you can see the expression of the audience and get an idea if they are liking your performance or not.

– In theatres, you are being judged continuously while you are performing and that is a really frightening experience. 

– The difference between performing in theatres and shooting for movies is that in theatres you get only one chance to show the audience what you have got but in movies, you get to take as many shots as you want.

– If you want to judge a performance in a theatre, judge it on the basis of its capability to change your thinking process.

– I like the fact that every performance in the theatre is live and not recorded as it brings a different kind of happiness to the audience and makes them feel more alive.

– Unlike in a  movie, a performance in a theatre is not a one-time wonder, and for you to shine in a theatre, you have to deliver your best every time.

– The theatre has something for everyone and everyone can enjoy it.

– There have been times when the theatre has been compared to a train, and as anyone can jump into any carriage of the train, anyone can dive into the fun of a theatre.

– The sorrow, plight, happiness, and helplessness expressed by the actors in theatres are a reflection of what we go through in our lives.

– It is surprising how people remember theatre performances better than real-life incidents.

– My grandparents often tell me how popular theatre used to be in their days.

– When my grandparents were young, the theatre was their Inox and PVR movie halls and they used to bunk college to go to theatres.

– Back in the days, the theatre was as popular as the Starbucks of this generation.

– The plays in the theatre often say out loud the emotions and feelings that we feel but cannot say.

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– Theatres are a very important part of the world of art and entertainment.

– In my opinion, if you want to be a good actor, you should first go for acting in theatres and then move to soaps and movies.

– I would like to wish all the best to all the theatre artists across the world.

– Here’s to showing appreciation and love to all the artists and actors of the theatre.

– Let us all wish the actors of the theatre all the best and thank them for entertaining us.

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