World Thyroid Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

The World Thyroid Day is celebrated on the 25th of May every year. The American Thyroid Association was founded in 1923. The American Thyroid Association, the Latin American Thyroid Society and the Asia- Oceania Thyroid Association cooperated with the European Thyroid Association to observe the World Thyroid Day so that the people come to know about the importance of the thyroid organ.

The countries that come under these organizations are the “first string” members to spread the awareness about the gland and the diseases that can take place. There are various events that are organized on this day that help in the spread of awareness.

World Thyroid Day Wishes Messages, Quotes

_One of the ways in which you can help is by writing your knowledge about thyroid and posting it on the websites. Happy Thyroid Day

_If you want to help the American Thyroid Society to spread the news about thyroid then you can include hyperlinks to the American Thyroid Society in your website for people to access. Happy Thyroid Day

_You might be knowing many people suffering from diseases related to the thyroid gland and one way to help them is by guiding them to the website of the American Thyroid Society where they can find a lot of useful information.

_This World Thyroid Day let us take a pledge to help spread knowledge about thyroid and the disease related to thyroid.

_Referring patients to the right places to acquire the right information about the thyroid gland and its various complications is also a very important way of celebrating this day.

_There are many ways you can help the people of the thyroid society in achieving their goal and the best way is by spreading the knowledge about the thyroid gland.

_Let us thank the Thyroid Societies of the world for their research regarding thyroid.

_You should get your thyroid gland tested and should also urge your friends to get their check-ups done.

_Even the kids are not safe from the problems of thyroid because these diseases can happen to children and adults irrespective of their ages. Happy Thyroid Day

_This day reminds us to get our thyroid check-ups done on time. Happy Thyroid Day

_Let us take a moment to appreciate the researchers and physicians for their work on the thyroid gland and wish them a happy World Thyroid Day.

_To the researchers and physicians who are studying or dealing with people having thyroid diseases, we want to tell you that you are loved and appreciated. Happy Thyroid Day

_Today is the day, we thank the doctors and researchers working with people suffering from thyroid diseases. Happy Thyroid Day

_Thyroid diseases are so common and every second person has it and so it is very important to get the check-ups done. Happy Thyroid Day

_It’s that time of the year when we thank the researchers and scientists for their study on the thyroid gland and their diseases and their medications. Happy Thyroid Day

_The world thyroid day is a reminder of the fact that much attention needs to be given on the thyroid gland and the various ways we can keep our thyroid gland healthy.

_Most of the thyroid diseases are because of the inefficiency of sodium in the diet and so this day reminds us to have a proper proportion of salt and sodium in our meals.

_The world thyroid day is another reminder to stay healthy by eating healthy and having a properly balanced diet. Happy Thyroid Day

_On this world thyroid day, let us take a vow to share the knowledge about thyroid with at least one person that we know.

_The world thyroid day is a reminder of how hard scientists and physicians are working to find better ways to treat thyroid diseases. Happy Thyroid Day

_All the thyroid societies of the world are relentless in their efforts and studies regarding thyroid gland and their diseases. Happy Thyroid Day

_Here’s to wishing a very Happy World Thyroid Day to the physicians and scientists who have dedicated their lives for this cause.

_Let us take this opportunity to educate ourselves about the thyroid gland and the ways to keep it Healthy. Happy Thyroid Day

_This day is a reminder to get your and your family’s thyroid checked. Happy Thyroid Day

_Health should be your first priority and so to all those Health freaks, you should utilize this opportunity to get your thyroid gland properly examined.

_Health is a matter that should not be compromised with and the world thyroid day reminds us how important it is to consume sodium in the right amount to prevent thyroid diseases.

_There are people in the world who have no idea why thyroid diseases happen and it is our duty to inform them so that they can be alerted. Happy Thyroid Day

_World Thyroid Day is all about informing more and more people about the importance of including a proper proportion of sodium in our diet so as to prevent thyroid diseases.

_Let us all wish each other an awareful  World thyroid day and pray nobody has to suffer from thyroid diseases. Happy Thyroid Day

_The thyroid gland needs to be taken care of properly to avoid diseases like goiter and it is always advisable to do regular check-ups.

_Here’s to thanking the health camps and other organizations that take up the responsibility to spread awareness about thyroid diseases. Happy Thyroid Day

_We often forget to get our check-ups done and it is a good thing that the American Thyroid Association and the other thyroid societies are organizing this event as it will remind the people to get their thyroid test done.

_Thyroid diseases are not life-threatening diseases but that does not mean that we should take it lightly. Happy Thyroid Day

_The various thyroid associations that exist all over the world all deserve our appreciation for all the events they organize to raise public awareness about thyroid.

_This World Thyroid Day, let us hope that every thyroid patient gets the required treatment and that nobody remains uneducated about it.

_Let us hope that every person living in all corners of the world get enlightened about the gland thyroid and the various diseases that the thyroid gland can have and the various ways we can prevent them and stay healthy. Happy Thyroid Day

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