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The World Toilet Day is observed on the 19th of November every year. The World Toilet Day was first established in the year 2001 by the World Toilet Organization and it was in 2013 that the United Nations declared the World Toilet Day as an official United Nations Day. The United Nations Water usually maintains and manages the official website of the world toilet day.

It also selects a different theme for the celebration of World Toilet Day every year. Some of the themes that were used in the past are ” Toilet and jobs”, “wastewater”, “nature-based solutions”, “toilet and nutrition”.

Here are some Great Messages and Quotes on World Toilet day for you.

_Human wastes have the potential to cause life-threatening diseases.

_It is important to dispose of human wastes properly so that no diseases are borne out of it.

_Composting human wastes is of utmost importance because wastes cause a lot of complications 

_There are still many countries in the world that cannot provide proper sanitation to its citizens.

_This day reminds us of the fact of how important sanitation and hygiene is in our lives.

_There are many ways in which we can improve the sanitation systems in our localities and we should focus on that 

_As the world toilet day approaches we should keep it in mind to tell those people who are not aware of the various dangers of an ill-maintained sewage system.

_The world toilet day reminds us of the importance to have a healthy and hygienic sanitation system.

_The sanitation system is a major concern of many countries as it is not easy to deal with the wastes of so many people.

_This day provides the opportunity to learn about the various ways we can deal with the wastes that we produce.

_The world sanitation day is a reminder to all the countries of the world about the importance of proper sanitation and sewage system.

_There are still many schools in countries like India that does not have proper toilets for the students and the faculties.

_There are many houses in the rural areas that still lack a proper toilet and we request the government to take a look into these matters.

_If the government does not help us, we should help ourselves and for that, the first step is to educate ourselves about the importance of a proper sanitation system.

_This day is a reminder of the need to reach out to those many people living in rural areas and help them build their toilets and bathrooms.

_There is still a huge population of people who have no toilets or latrines and they defecate in the open leading to the spreading of many diseases.

_We cannot imagine what the girls go through when they are having their periods and have no proper toilet facilities.

_There are many schools in the world that do not have a proper supply of water in the toilets.

_According to a survey, there are schools in various rural places of the world that do not have basins or supply of water that the students can use to wash their hands.

_The lack of a proper supply of water, proper sanitation systems, and sewage systems are causing infections to an uncountable number of people and are creating a very unhealthy lifestyle for them.

_According to me proper sanitation and sewage system should be the first priority of the government of various countries.

_The global sanitation crisis is a big issue that is usually discussed on this World Toilet Day.

_The world toilet day tells everyone how important it is to have a proper sanitation system in homes, schools and everywhere else.

_It is also very interesting the way the United Nations selects a theme to celebrate World Toilet Day everywhere.

_There are many ways in which we can dispose of human waste so that the environment is not harmed and that is the ultimate goal of every nation regarding sanitation.

_While the government does its work, we can also do our bit and maintain a hygienic sanitation system in our homes.

_We depend on nature to take care of the wastes we produce but that does not mean that we will not think about the adverse effects that the wastes can have on the environment.

_The toilet is one of the basic amenities of life and it is unimaginable to think there is no access to proper toilets in various places like schools for some people.

_Let us be thankful for the fact that the government and other organizations are finally looking into these matters seriously and that the underprivileged parts of the world will have proper sanitation systems very soon.

_The World Toilet Day is all about teaching people how to manage their wastes so that they remain healthy and not get infected by diseases.

_Some of the problems that many parts of the world have are improper sewage systems, no sanitation facilities, less number of toilets and the world toilet day is celebrated to look into these matters closely.

_Without proper sanitation systems, there are a million ways in which diseases can spread and the motto of the world toilet day is to discuss the ways in which these diseases can be dealt with.

_The world toilet day brings to light the unfortunate ways many people in rural regions live.

_The world toilet day also provides for platforms where discussions are held regarding the matters of sanitation and hygiene.

_The world toilet day promotes the necessity of clean and hygienic toilets in every houses, offices, schools and other places too.

_On the occasion of the world toilet day, volunteers are welcomed to join the campaigns and raise awareness regarding the dangers of ill-maintained sanitation systems.

_Cleanliness is priceless and people who do not have access to clean and proper sanitation systems are at a big risk and it is the duty of the government to help them out by fixing their problems.

_World toilet day tells us all about the importance of toilets and its fundamental cause is to build toilets so as to establish a sound sanitation system.

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