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World Tsunami Day is observed on the 5th of November every year. Such is the scale of the disaster that it leads to killing and uprooting of lakhs of people at once and even drowns the biggest of cities of the world.

All countries, international bodies as well as civil societies were call upon by the assembly to mark the date as World Tsunami day. It is observed to spread awareness about the disaster into the wider masses and all those who live in the coastal region and also to those fishermen who are out in the sea at nights.

Here are Some Best Messages and quotes for the World Tsunami day are listed below- 

_The giant wave of water can lead to the greatest of deluge. Know it, fear it and fight it on this world tsunami day 

_Water takes the shape of the container and so it truly does when tsunami strikes the biggest cities. It just fills them up…

_Sea is the most beautiful companion only when there isn’t any tsunami warning

_For oceans to behave well, humans need to act responsibly

_Tsunami is deadly and needs to be explained to the world so that they can stay aware of the condition 

_Coasts aren’t safe due to tsunami but that doesn’t stop people from dirtying the beaches 

_The biggest wave on the harbour is known as tsunami. Stay safe from the impact of it 

_These walls of water are tougher than the toughest concrete. Spread awareness on this world tsunami day

_When tsunami strikes, it leaves a person with no time to react! Keep track of the warnings and take action at the earliest to save yourself and your people

_On this world tsunami day spread the awareness about the deadly effect of the mammoth waves. Every day there are so many people at risk

_Tsunami is a monster which has no one to fear! Stay safe from it and let others live longer 

_World tsunami day is celebrated to mark the immense effect the waves has on human beings and the way it can impact the land 

_The harder the waves hit the land, the harder it strikes the people of the land 

_The deadly effects of a tsunami last long even after the water has gone and the land is dry 

_Not only humans, tsunami effects the economy and pulls the entire system down with it   

_Stop the harm you do to nature, tsunami is nature’s way to avenge

_All the dirtying we humans do in the sea, comes back to us in the form of monstrous tsunami waves 

_Let the world know about the danger of tsunami in advance and make progress to stay safe from it 

_World tsunami day is here and it is our duty to spread the word on the disaster so that people can realise their contribution and help the nature accordingly

_Unless we are being fair to nature, nature will never be fair to us

_In Bible, the great deluge has a great role to play and it brought many changes, tsunami does the same but the changes are harmful in this case

_We fear tsunami because it takes away everything from us and we cannot do anything but just sit and stare at the abyss 

_Our behaviour paves the way we are going to be treated by the nature. Let’s take an oath on this world tsunami day to be further caring towards nature 

_Nature has its own way of responding to the actions of human beings. Tsunami is one of the responses from nature 

_If we love nature, nature loves us back!   

_Tsunami needs better preventive measures. Let’s team up and work towards it

_Love the shore and maintain the shore 

_Tsunami is disaster at its peak and we humans hardly have anything in our hands when it strikes 

_Waves are great to watch unless they become the one that results into a tsunami 

_If there is anything to fear, it is the waves of the tsunami 

_We humans are so tiny in front of the tsunami waves that even the slightest hint of it gives Goosebumps 

_The toughest of times are the ones when a nation is hit with tsunami and its people are washed away…

_At times, we act a lot after the event happens. Let’s not do this now and take probable actions to stop the effects of tsunami 

_Tsunami has to be dealt with more maturity and attention! Every alarm can save thousands of life. Let’s protect our people from the monster wave 

_When tsunami strikes, there isn’t any human force that can interfere other than precaution and prevention 

_World tsunami day is here to spread the word about the ways by which you can save lives in case of such an impending disaster on the shores

_Hold your breath for long, tsunami can’t break morals 

_Humans are the most evolved species and yet they have no say when it comes to a disaster like the tsunami  

_Together we can fight tsunami and keep people and their hopes alive for a brighter tomorrow 

_Our country needs to think of the shores first and then the rest. Tsunami is a curse to the shores 

_Smooth sailing at the day can suddenly be bumpy if the tsunami strikes hard. Always know the weather and then leave for the sea 

_Out there in the sea, there isn’t anyone who can help. Learn ways to stay low during tsunami and report if there are signs 

_Timely action can save thousands of lives during tsunami 

_Being human, all we can do is bring our intellect to work and save as many lives as possible at the time of a event like tsunami 

_Tsunami is deadly and monstrous 

_Keep the sea calm 

_The wind on the shore can be a sign of greater disaster to come. Be watchful and ready with action plan 

_The alert systems need to be stronger now or else we will lose lives and economy all alike to tsunami 

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