Tuberculosis Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

On the 24th of March, every World Tuberculosis day is observed. It is done to spread awareness about the disease and also about the various efforts that are begin taken in order to make sure tuberculosis is removed from the face of the Earth.

The impact of a disease such as Tuberculosis is devastating both in terms of social and economic and hence every nation is fighting against it harder than ever before.

In 1882, Dr. Robert Koch announced his discovery of the bacillus that causes TB. 

Best Tuberculosis Day Messages and Greeting

_Diseases take away our loved ones and hence let’s take an oath to remove this disease from everyone else 

_Separation is a pain but separation with TB is a dream that not all can live 

_The right treatment at the right time is a dream for many and we need to turn it into reality 

_If we shake hands with healthy living, nothing can stop us from kicking away diseases like Tuberculosis 

_Every person wants to live healthy and the key to being healthy is to live a life that is free from any unhealthy habits 

_Do you smoke? Be ready for a death that is painful and tiring! Stop today and let us drive away tuberculosis 

_Tuberculosis is a threat to existence but we can join hands and kick it right off the block! 

_Humans are intelligent and let us act smart to ensure that the world is free from diseases such as tuberculosis 

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_The shyness in people about diseases is what makes these diseases even more powerful. Let’s open up about Tuberculosis and try to educate people   

_World Tuberculosis day asks every person to come together and reduce the possibilities of this deadly disease 

_Is TB worth a fight? Yes, it is, only if you trust and believe! 

_Find TB and cure TB. Being safe is always better than being sorry

_It is only us who can take the onus of our lives in our hands. Let’s not take diseases easy, we need to beat them hard 

_We cannot be ever pulled down by the harshest disease. All we need is determination to fight it off with grit 

_Early detection and treatment can cure the biggest of diseases without any fuss 

_Get rid of your smoking habits, your family needs your presence more than anything else 

_Life with TB is painful but the good news is that we can get rid of the disease! 

_Nothing can stop us if we have the determination to go the distance and live healthy 

_Our lives are controlled by us and hence the diseases we have are reflective of the habits that we hold in our lives 

_Love your lungs and hate the smoke. Spread awareness on this world tuberculosis day  

_Happiness is being able to breathe the air that is healthy 

_We need to reduce pollution and we need to adopt healthy habits. If we have TB, only we have the power to get rid of it 

_1500000+ people die of tuberculosis every year. It is a threat that needs attention globally 

_Tomorrow is going to be too late, let’s take steps today and treat the diseases rightly 

_We can join hands and eliminate TB. Nothing can stand in front of the determination of the human population 

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_Life is for living and living isn’t for smoking. Spread the work and be aware of the deadly tuberculosis 

_We need to develop our immunity systems with the right diet so that when the time comes, there is no looking back and we can fight the diseases like the devil himself

Best Tuberculosis Day Quotes

_A vaccine to stop tuberculosis would be great but no one ever came up with it and hence the novel prize remains unclaimed 

_Numerous dreams come to a coughing end with the coming of tuberculosis. Keep dreaming and fight with all that you have  

_Health systems around the globe is challenged time and again with diseases such as tuberculosis, can’t we be together and fight it off? 

_Let’s celebrate world tuberculosis day in a way that every patient becomes positive and sees life positively unlike before 

_Tuberculosis isn’t the end; it is the beginning of a life in which you fight it off like a true warrior 

_We need a program from the government that works 365 days to fight off the disease and this isn’t really possible in all the parts of world 

_Out lives aren’t ruled by diseases, it is ruled by the desire to live healthy and live longer 

_Let us reach out to every corner of earth and help all those with TB to overcome and fight harder 

_World tuberculosis day marks the fact that every patient of TB is with support from people around the world and they aren’t alone 

_Every breath of yours is worth a million-dollar smile of your loved ones. Keep TB away and live healthy 

_Preventing tuberculosis is a thing of the past, it is high time that we aim to eliminate diseases from its root

_Tuberculosis is curable and hence it is further important to treat it at the right time. Delayed treatment is denied treatment 

_Stop bad habits and start living a life you would want your children to live, you will become healthier and happier

_Nothing in life is more peaceful than being able to breathe in the fresh air without thinking of anything else. Keep TB out and good lungs IN 

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_Do not forget the ones suffering from TB. They need you to be their side and help them come up 

_TB is yet pervasive after serious efforts, I think we should try a bit harder now! Let’s eradicate Tuberculosis completely 

_Breathing is a human right and breathing healthy is a choice that we humans make 

_World Tuberculosis day marks the efforts made by every government to come up with ways to beat this deadline diseases forever 

_Live free and live young! Live without TB and live forever 

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