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Every year from November 12-16, World Vasectomy day is observed. The day is a landmark in itself due to the fact that it helps spread an important message for all the males out there.

Vasectomy is a male-oriented solution to unplanned pregnancy issues and adds to the greater cause of population control.

Doctors inspire patients to take up vasectomy procedures for their well-being because, rightfully speaking, the operation does not cause any harm and only enhances safety for men.

Some of the Greetings and quotes to forward on World Vasectomy day are mentioned below.

Vasectomy Quotes

-Early days yet, but if you now believe that you don’t want kids, vasectomy is the way to go 

-Vasectomy isn’t an operation, rather it is a procedure for the males 

-For happy families and small families, vasectomy is something that can truly be the perfect solution 

-After an age, vasectomy is the true solution as you can enjoy the perks of life without having to worry about anything else 

-Vasectomy is when you are no longer responsible for the post-climax part 

-You enjoy like you always did and yet don’t add to the population. Smart, isn’t it?? 

-Vasectomy is a superpower for men! Unleash your superpower and live free and happy. 

-On this World Vasectomy day, let us spread the word about vasectomy and inspire people to take up the procedure and enjoy life without any bounds 

-Rubber won’t bother you ever again because the key to your happiness is vasectomy 

-Never ever be sorry again with the help of vasectomy. Regret is a thing of the past now, buddy! 

-It doesn’t matter when you end. Truly speaking, she isn’t worried anymore of the juice sans the seeds! 

-Vasectomy needs to be explained to people unless they will always shy away from it 

-Permanent birth control is truly possible when a vasectomy is accepted globally. Do it for yourself and for the sake of mother earth 

-Population shoots as you keep shooting. Shoot without the seeds and live your life without adding to the population 

-Spread joy and not babies. Go for vasectomy today 

-The true mantra to be hot for a man is to opt for vasectomy! It turns women on 

-One snippety snip, and you are done! Vasectomy is quick and fast 

-Your life becomes a lot more stress-free when you don’t have to worry about having kids anymore. Come live the magic and opt for vasectomy 

-Vasectomy is something you got to do with the consent of your partner; it never is the decision of one 

-World Vasectomy day is when every doctor looks at men and tries to turn them seedless 

-The fear in vasectomy is the mere thought that the scissors will be “there.” Do not worry; anaesthesia works great, and you won’t feel a thing 

-A man who was single for 45 years went to the doctor for a vasectomy. The doctor said you aren’t that lucky, and hence it isn’t needed for you 😀

-Living life with a vasectomy is like having tickets to every door without having to pay anything 

-Men are safe when they have done vasectomy. The question that remains is that your partner might not like it 

-Leave no stains behind. Get a vasectomy done, and nothing can hold you back 

-You have the weapon, you have the bullets, and it fires great. The only difference is that it doesn’t harm anyone! Spread love and not seeds on this world’s vasectomy day 

-With advanced options for vasectomy, men do not think of anything else and can take the call any day 

-If your wife wants a baby, discuss it with her before opting for vasectomy. Forced and unplanned vasectomy can make you regret it for the rest of your lives 

-Take the jingle out of bells and gift your husband a vasectomy gift card before you go out for a holiday in the upcoming season. Happy world vasectomy day 

vasectomy quotes

-Happiness is when you get all the fun and yet are responsible for nothing that comes up because your gun doesn’t fire bullets! 

-More kids means being more responsible for the family. Hence, go for vasectomy and be a responsible citizen instead by controlling the population 

-Keep calm and opt for vasectomy 

-There is a Vas Deferens between the man who had a vasectomy and the one who didn’t! Get the pun??? 

-Vasectomy is a decision that needs to be mutually taken. Do not keep the onus on yourself because emotions are attached to the juices you hold. It is the future of the family 

-Abortion isn’t good practice, but vasectomy is truly the solution here. Go for it now 

-After a certain age, members in the family shouldn’t be increased, and for the same reason, vasectomy is just the way out 

-Act responsibly and enjoy without any barriers and worries! Go for vasectomy today 

-When a vasectomy happened to a guy, he was sad after doing it. However, with time he realized the perks of it and was happier than ever before

vasectomy quotes

-Regretting is a bad habit and this is why vasectomy is the new cool! Act now to reject any regrets later

-Life has its own rules, and the body has its own needs. Don’t defy the needs, and get rid of the seeds! Happy world vasectomy day 

-Don’t let the consequences deny you the pleasure of love! Get a vasectomy done today

-Trust me, nothing feels better than your own skin! Avoid rubber and embrace vasectomy 

-Once done, you cannot reverse the process of vasectomy. Plan for it rather than jumping on it 

-Desires cannot be controlled, but the human body can be modified according to the need of the hour! Happy world vasectomy day 

-Of all the worries in the world, what would your wrong timing in bed leads to is the worst? Get rid of it now and visit the doctor for a vasectomy  

-The best advice a family planning expert can give you is to opt for a vasectomy and enjoy life as you always did! Spread the word on this World Vasectomy Day 

World Vasectomy Day Captions

-Don’t allow the repercussions to keep you from experiencing the joy of love! Today is the best time to get a vasectomy. #reproductivejustice

-Nothing compares to the sensation of being in your skin! Avoid rubber and go for a vasectomy instead. #reproductivejusticeforall 

-The vasectomy procedure cannot be reversed once it has been completed. Rather than leaping in, plan. #reproductivejusticeadvocate 

-Desires are uncontrollable, yet the body can be altered to meet the demands of the moment! -Happy World Vasectomy Day, everyone! #studentsforreproductivejustice 

-Worst of all the fears in the world is what would happen if you got out of bed at the incorrect time. Get rid of it right now by visiting the doctor for a vasectomy. #reproductivejusticeactionteam 

-The best advice a family planning specialist can give you is to have a vasectomy and continue living your life as you have always done! #reproductivejusticeleague 

-Regret is a nasty habit, which is why vasectomy has become fashionable. Act now to avoid later regrets. #reproductivejusticeteam

-Living has its own set of regulations, and the body will have its own set of requirements. 

-Act responsibly and have fun without any restrictions or worries! Today is the day to get a vasectomy. #therealreproductivejustice  

-When a man had a vasectomy, he was depressed thereafter. With time, he realized the benefits and was more joyful than he had ever been. #reproductivejusticeand 

-Family members should not be added over a certain age for much the same reason, vasectomy is the best option. #reproductivejusticenow

World Vasectomy Day Wishes

-Happiness is having all the pleasure but not being accountable for everything that happens because your gun doesn’t discharge bullets!

-Having additional children implies taking on extra family responsibilities. As a result, get a vasectomy and be a good citizens by limiting the population.

-Keep your cool and go for a vasectomy.

-In between the guy that had a vasectomy and the guy who didn’t, there are Vas Deferens! Is there a pun here?

-Vasectomy is a choice that both parties must agree on. Because emotions are linked to the liquids you contain, don’t blame yourself. It is the family’s future.

-While abortion is not a healthy practice, vasectomy is the best option here. Take action right now.

-There will be no stains left behind. Nothing will be able to stop you once you have a vasectomy.

-You have the gun, and the bullets, and it works flawlessly. The only distinction is that no one gets hurt! On this international vasectomy day, spread love rather than seeds.

-Men don’t think about anything else now that improved vasectomy choices are available, and they can decide at any time.

-If your spouse wants a child, talk to her about it before deciding on a vasectomy. A vasectomy that is forced or unintentionally performed can cause you to regret it later in your life.

-When you go outside for a holiday this season, take the sparkle out of chimes and give your hubby a vasectomy gift card. Happy World Vasectomy Day, everyone!

World Vasectomy Day Quotes

-“Don’t get the expression of a vicious cur that appears to know the kicks it gets are its desert, and yet hates all the world, as well as the kicker, for what it suffers.” – Emily Bronte

-“If you make one mistake, it can end in a vasectomy.” – John Rowland

-“Vasectomy means never having to say you are sorry.”- Larry Adler

-“…and there will be no more interruptions, and you will be staying for dessert, coffee, and cigars.” – Abraham Verghese

-“Y’know, men and women are a lot alike in certain situations, like sitting on frozen peas after a vasectomy” – Joseph Stern

-“I ask you, doctor, what is there in the world more selfish than a baby? Nothing! – Ray Bradbury.

World Vasectomy Day Statuses

-Vasectomy is something you should undertake with your partner’s permission; it is never a decision made by one person. Every doctor looks at guys on Vasectomy Day and attempts to make them seedless.

-The mere concept of the scissors being “there” causes anxiety in vasectomy patients. Don’t worry; the anesthetic is quite effective, and you will not feel anything.

-As you continue to shoot, the population grows. Shoot without seeds and spend a life that does not increase the population.

-Instead of infants, spread joy. Today is the day to get a vasectomy.

-A 45-year-old man underwent a vasectomy at the doctor’s office. You aren’t very fortunate, according to the doctor, so it isn’t necessary.

-Living with a vasectomy is like having free admission to every door.

-When a man has had a vasectomy, he is considered safe. The question is whether or not your partner will approve.

-A vasectomy is an actual key to being hot for a man! It turns women on with a single snippet.

-Vasectomy is a straightforward procedure that takes only a few minutes to complete.

-When you are no longer concerned about having children, your life becomes much less stressful. Come experience the wonder of vasectomy.

vasectomy quotes
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