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Zamenhof Day also known as Esperanto Book Day or just Esperanto Day is celebrated on 15th of December every year i.e. the birth date of Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof, the Esperanto creator. Esperanto is a constructed international auxiliary language first created in the year 1878 on Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof’s 19th birthday.

The book was initially named as Lingwe uniwersala when he first presented it to his friends on the eve of his birthday. In the year 1887, he then published a more evolved version of the book he wrote, naming it as Unua Libro (first book). 

So, below is a list of greetings and quotes that you can use on the eve of Zamenhof Day-

_Celebrate the birth anniversary of one of our very own inventor and ophthalmologist in the most constructed way possible. Have a great Zamenhof Day.

_This holiday season let us celebrate the works of Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof with full throttle. Wish you and our fellow Esperantists a very happy Zamenhof Day. 

_On the eve of Zamenhof Day Let us all celebrate the language of Esperanto that was invented to unite the humankind. Have a warm Zamenhof Day.

_ Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof visioned a world without war so that the people can see the true beauty of literature. So on Zamenhof day, let’s try to make the world a bit peaceful.

_Only the weak-minded doesn’t value the power of literature and poetry. May you learn something valuable regarding Esperanto on this Zamenhof Day.

_The language of Esperanto has its own special place in the world full of constructed languages. Let’s honor that on the eve of Zamnenhof day, the creator’s birth anniversary.

_Amongst the ancestral languages that are three for centuries, the artificial language of Esperanto is still highly regarded and deserves its due on Zamenhof Day.

_Literature has the power to transform a man into its most creative self. On the eve of Zamenhof Day, I wish you to get indulged in Esperanto literature.

_Zamenhof’s gift to the world in the form of Esperanto language was not meant to be forgotten. Let’s try to keep his creation alive on the eve of Zamenhof Day.

_On the eve of Zamenhof’s Day, celebrate the Esperanto literature by reading the first era novels in the language in Esperanto. Have a lovely Zamenhof Day.

_Literature, irrespective of any language shall be helmed by the world as a pride for the human beings. Take pride in the language of Esperanto and have a great Zamenhof Day.

 _ Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof wanted to see a world with new languages and literature. Let’s all commemorate him on Zamenhof Day by prompting the Esperanto literature. 

_With the festive season knocking down the door, celebrate the cold winter by reading a Esperanto book on the occasion of Zamenhof Day. Wish you a wonderful Zamenhof Day.

_The invention of a language is not only meant for communication but also learning the culture. May you spend this Zamenhof day by knowing more about the language of Esperanto.

_In this world full of hate speeches and comments, Esperanto is a language which was invented to spread peace and harmony. Celebrate the language and the inventor on this Zamenhof Day.

_Literature and poetry has shaped the greatest minds of this world. On the eve of Zamenhof Day, I wish you the knowledge of Esperanto literature. 

_As the season of festivities is almost upon us, I wish you a great time with the Esperanto books to read on the eve of Zamenhof Day. Have an amazing holiday ahead.

_To the people who have dedicated their lives on Esperanto literature, I wish you all the best in future and have a delightful Zamenhof Day.

_If you are a fond of international language and literature then you shall let the world know about its brilliance. May you do that with Esperanto on the eve of Zamenhof Day.

_ Unua Libro is the first chapter of Esperanto literature. On this Zamenhof day, let us all celebrate and promote the language that was invented more than 100 years ago.

_The language of Esperanto was invented as a universal key of communication. So let’s remind the universe about it on this occasion of Zamenhof Day.

_We, the supporters of Esperanto cannot afford to lose the language that binds our culture. On Zamenhof Day, I urge you every supporters to spread the language. 

_The very name Zamenhof means “seed of hope.” So on the eve of Zamenhof Day, let us all give the world a hope of better future of Esperanto Literature. 

_The world will suddenly become empty without the presence of literature, be it any language. May you enjoy this Zamenhof Day, with an Esperanto Book.

_The man who doesn’t know anything about the language of Esperanto has no power over the one who does. Be the former man on this occasion of Zamenhof Day.

_If we don’t spread the knowledge of the Esperanto Literature then it will be a major setback of for every Esperanto supporters. Wish you a reproductive Zamenhof Day.

_Zamenhof has won much prestigious recognition for creating Esperanto, and now it is our responsibility to keep him and his work. May we all do that from Zamenhof Day.

_On the eve of Zamenhof Day, let us hope that the echoes of the most constructed artificial language stays in the world of literature forever. Have a great Zamenhof Day.

_The reason for hate and prejudice starts from miscommunication. That’s what Zamenhof believed. So his birth anniversary let us all spread his creation with the world. 

_The work of literature makes an individual more of a complete human. So on the eve of Zamenhof Day, let’s passed the Esperanto literature to the next generation.

 _The intention of Zamenhof with his creation of Esperanto was to bring out the wondrous and generous side of human being. Let’s honor him on his special occasion of Zamenhof day.

_If the work of Zamenhof wasn’t worth the attention then why do we celebrate Zamenhof day. That’s something to think about on this Zamenhof Day.

_Even Google honors Zamenhof Day with the Esperanto flag on their doodle, then why can’t we? May you spend a peaceful Zamenhof day with an Esperanto book by your side. 

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